Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Parent Drop In

It was pleasing to see so many parents at our drop in yesterday. We hope you all enjoyed your visit.

If you did not get an opportunity to complete our survey you can do so by clicking here

Junior Police Cadet School Officer - Election Results

The results of the JPCSO elections were announced by Mrs Wellsted during the Y6 parent drop in session this afternoon.

After a very close election the four chosen pupils were; Oliver, Tia M, Cloud and Kiefer. They were presented with their uniform by PCSO Richardson.
Well done to all four!

JPSCO Elections

This morning saw some of the children in Year 6 give their presentations on why they should be selected as Junior Police Cadet School Officers to the rest of the year group and PCSO Richardson.

The candidates and PCSO Richardson

In total twelve children put themselves forward for the four positions available.
After the speeches each of the pupils in the year group were given a vote.

The votes being collected
The candidates had to wait until the afternoon before the results were announced.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Homework for the rest of term.

Now that the 11+ tests are finished we are asking children to complete one piece of homework per fortnight from the Take-Away homework sheet.
A copy of the homework menu can be downloaded here

Friday, 23 September 2016

Junior Police Cadets School Officer (JPCSO)

On Wednesday 28th September we will be electing our JPCSO's for this academic year. Children who fell they would like to be selected will need to give a short speech outlining why they are the right person for the job.
Activities during the year are likely to include:
  • Nominations to elect JPCSO’s
  • Diversity awareness training
  • Anti bullying task
  • Speed awareness tasks
  • School parking task
  • Crime prevention task
  • Year 6 bike marking task

Invitation to parents and grandparents

Parents and grandparents of pupils in Year 6 are invited into school on Wednesday 28th September at 2:30pm.

We would like to find out about the leisure activities and games you played when you were at school. So please come along and share some of your memories and teach us some of the games you enjoyed playing.

We hope you can join us.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Year 6!
We have a busy year of fun and hard work ahead of us and we look forward to working with you as parents.
Our main focus during the next two terms is Britain at Play. We will be learning about life in Britain through the decades and how it has affected how we live today. There will be an opportunity for you as parents and grandparents to come into school and share with the children some of the games and activities you remember playing.
In English this year the children will be learning about a wide range of genres. They will be learning to identify and use different features and write in different styles. Spelling rules and grammar will also be taught during the English lessons. Pupils will read during Guided Reading sessions where the focus will be on answering questions about different texts.
In Maths, pupils will be concentrating on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division this term, learning both effective mental and written methods. They will continue to focus on a range of topics including: place value, percentages, fractions including decimals, data handling, money and time. Pupils will be given opportunities to use these skills in problem solving and in real life situations.
In PE we will be taking part in net games including volleyball and tennis, in addition to outdoor and adventurous sessions. Pupils need their full PE kits in school all week consisting of a pair of trainers, black shorts, yellow PE t-shirt and a tracksuit.
In Science this term pupils will be learning about animals including humans. They will be asking their own scientific questions and taking part in a range of investigations.

During this term staff from Alford Grammar will be working with us to teach Computer Science. The pupils will be learning a range of ICT skills including how to create a website.
There will also be the opportunity for pupils in Year 6 to take part in Bike Ability. Further details will follow closer to the time.
Homework will be given out termly after the 11+ tests have been taken. The pupils will be expected to complete at least one piece a fortnight from the list given. On occasions, there may be additional English and Maths homework given.
If you have any concerns during the year please come and speak to us.
Yours sincerely,

Miss Leetham, Mr Ball & Mrs Cunningham

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Oliver Twist performance review by Rhianna

On Tuesday, 6th September 2016, M&M theatre company came to our school to perform Oliver Twist. It lasted around an hour, and it was very, very good.

Oliver is an orphaned boy who is placed in the workhouse by his mother just before she dies. The actress who played Oliver did very well, especially in her accent playing Oliver.

Oliver is then disgraced out of the workhouse for asking for more (at this point they all break into song) then the chef comes in and calls out to Mr. Ball. He then calls Mr Ball 'Baldy' (everybody thought that was hilarious) and asked him what a potato was. Mr. Ball replied, "A potato." The chef calls it "Une pomme de terre", meaning potato in French, and runs offstage.

Oliver is then tried to be sold for being a disgrace. He then meets a person nicknamed The Artful Dodger. The actor who played Dodger was very funny, and kept making people laugh.

Dodger takes Oliver to Fagin's home/hideout, where he met Fagin and Nancy. Fagin tries to pretend that everything belongs to them, but fails. Nancy's actor was very good at using emotion.

One day Oliver picks a pocket from a man, who he thinks he doesn't recognise. He takes Oliver to his house, and he spies a painting that looks a lot like him.

Meanwhile, Dodger, Fagin, Nancy and Bill (the boss, and also Nancy's boyfriend) are all worrying whether or not Oliver is telling on them. So Nancy goes to rescue him.

It turns out, Oliver really liked living there, so Nancy made a plan to hide him back at the man's house. The plan worked, and eventually Oliver discovered that the man was his Grandfather.

I really liked the play, and afterwards we took a behind the scenes tour. What surprised me was that there were only 4 cast members, and over 20 characters!

Review of Oliver Twist by Kirsten

M and M's production of Oliver Twist set our first week off to a great start. With singing and dancing, amazing scenes and amazing after workshops, this has been this best yet. 
Oliver is dumped at an orphanage and his mother dies at the scene. He has to clean and all he ever gets is gruel. Oh, Food Glorious Food. With name calling of Mr. Ball by a mad chef, Food Glorious Food is made super fun and exciting! Oliver is then taken for sale and runs away. He joins Fagin's gang and gets caught. It turns out that he is taken in by this Grandfather. Nancy goes out to get Oliver back but does the wrong thing, her boyfriend Bill Sykes then tries to go after her. Nancy takes Oliver out to take Oliver to his Grandfather. Does this all end happily?
M and M's Oliver Twist was exceptionally good and I can't wait to see how what their next performance is like! 

Oliver Twist Performance

On Tuesday we were treated to a performance of Oliver Twist by M&M Theatrical Productions.
After the show we took part in a workshop where we learned some of the secrets behind putting on the show.
Meeting the cast after the show

Sunday, 4 September 2016

PE days

At the moment the plan is for PE to be outside on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Children should however have their kit available in school at all times.